Solo Piano
  • Released: April 30, 1998
  • 13 track(s)

Released in 1998, “Solo Piano” is Dan Chadburn’s debut album in the New Age / Contemporary Instrumental genre. His music evokes images of yesterday while inviting dreams of tomorrow. An extraordinary pianist/composer whose music sings with passion, Dan’s style is uniquely his own. His compositions are melodic and soothing, painting rich landscapes of emotion.

Upon release of this album, Dan wrote:

“My love for classical piano music has influenced my writing; it is an integral part of my own style.

I’ve always been one to improvise. Reflecting back to my early piano studies, I once performed a recital in which I had to play J.S. Bach’s English Suite in G minor. Ill prepared in memorization, I forgot most of the entire final gigue movement. Rather than take an early exit, I improvised the passage in a “Bach a la Chadburn” style. I hold that recital experience as a defining moment, in that it helped to unlock my own creative voice.

On New Year’s Day, 1996, I resolved to improvise at least one new piano piece each day throughout the year. At year’s end, I had well over three hundred extemporaneous improvisation in my computer. I continued to compose new works through October, 1997, and the volume grew.

Transcription of these works, a process which I find tedious compared to composition, had to begin at some point. In December, 1997, I began the arduous task of selecting only a handful of the improvisations (seven) for this recording. Each was then transcribed and rehearsed on the piano. Two additional works, written in early 1998, were also selected. To complete the album, four pieces were composed and recorded simultaneously in the sound studio in single takes (real time).

What serves as inspiration for these works? Passion. Passion for life. For reflection. For understanding. For sensitivity. For healing. For renewal. For love.”


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