Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2

Greg Maroney

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2
  • Released: May 11, 2017
  • 11 track(s)

Another step on a musical journey…

I have taken a different direction with this CD, one that I found very compelling. Instead of carefully composing each song as I have done in the past, I simply sat at the piano and let the music flow in a spontaneous improvisation.
This was a pure emotional expression with reverence for the music that lives in my heart and soul. Each song was composed and performed on a Steinway D in our home studio, no multiple takes and no editing. Please excuse any errant barks, thumps or wind chimes, as we have 3 exuberant dogs and a house full of people who do their best to keep quiet while the recording is in session. I sincerely hope you enjoy the music.
Thanks so much!
Greg Maroney


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