Winter Meditations 2​.​0
  • Released: February 9, 2017
  • 6 track(s)

This is the album in the genre of “Piano-Ambient-Classical” music. This new album is a continuation of the previous album: “Winter Meditations” (2016). But on this time it is a piano solo album. The album has a relaxing and a meditative mood. The music of this album has a healing effect for the mind. Also this music is excellent for falling asleep.

“Just enjoy this music! And I hope you will feel a very positive and peaceful emotions after listening. That was my main intention to feel a very calm, positive and peaceful emotions during the time when I was making this album. And I hope you will feel the same thing!”.
Ashot Danielyan

Music and piano performance by Ashot Danielyan.
Mixing and mastering by Ashot Danielyan.

released February 10, 2017

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