My Beloved
  • Released: February 2, 2015
  • 12 track(s)

My Beloved blends classic and contemporary influences to create a beautifully melodic collection that critics are saying “is like a long and passionate love letter.” Live and relive the magic of great love, through the sonic prism of these timeless and evocative love songs.

MY BELOVED was in the works for a couple of years. It’s an intensely personal album for Dulin, a melodic and passionate testament to enduring love, inspired by his wife, Jan.

Live your own love story through the 12 unforgettably romantic solo piano songs of My Beloved.


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  • Fiona Joy

    Fiona Joy May 26, 2015


    HIghly recommended for lovers of classical piano.

  • Iva Jewel

    Iva Jewel May 28, 2015


    Composer/pianist Michael Dulin has tapped his vast internal store of beautiful music to share in the CD My Beloved.  The fact that Dulin composed this beautiful music for his wife adds to its appeal.  He caresses the piano keys with sensitivity, especially noted in the slower portions.  When the composition swells the pianist is equal to the task, playing with perfection.  Listening to Dulin’s sensitive piano artistry in My Beloved is almost an ethereal experience.

  • dorabum

    dorabum June 19, 2015

  • dorabum

    dorabum July 11, 2015


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