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Do you want to be considered for your music to play in "The Stream" at Do you think your newest album should be featured on

We receive a good number of solo piano albums in the mail, so please note that though we do give every CD a listen, we will only feature those CDs that are recorded professionally and available for purchase either from an official website, CD Baby, or Digital Distribution. The CD must have a high quality recording sound to be considered. Also, we will only consider your music for "The Stream" if you are the sole copyright owner of the music you submit, and you give us permission to Stream your music free of all charges including (but not limited to) royalty fees, performance fees, etc. 
If interested in submitting your music, follow these simple steps:
1) Read the Terms of Use Agreement! This specifically says that any music you submit you are doing so with the understanding of giving full permission to stream your music free of any royalties and waiving any type of responsibility to collect any fees! You agree that you are the copyright owner of the music you are submitting and give permission to play your music free of charge on our website and on "The Stream". It's also important that you only send CDs that contain your original compositions (which you are the sole copyright owner) or public domain works. We will not feature any CDs in which you have had to pay a license to record or someone else is the copyright owner.
2) Mail the CD you would like featured to:
c/o Matthew Mayer
P.O. Box 540070
Omaha, NE 68154
(Please note we will not return the CD once submitted).
Suggestion: Feel free to send us a CD that you are not considering selling...ideas include:
- Your 2 year old ripped off the plastic wrap.
- You got your CDs back from the manufacturer realizing 10 of them had cracked jewel cases.
- You spilled coffee all over one of them.....wait....don't send that one.....
- You have an extra in the basement and want to submit it to!
Doing this take no opportunity profits away from you from future sales!
3) If you haven't already done so, build a page. We will only consider music from those that have built a page. Even though you may not be selected for play on "The Stream", you can still take advantage of our free service of building a free SoloPiano Artist Page (If you are a solo piano artist, of course).
Please note, not every CD submission will be featured on the site or placed in "The Stream." If we decide to feature it, we will contact you via the email you provide in the form.
Finally, We are open to receiving solo piano of all genres. This includes (but not limited to) Jazz, Classical, Contemporary, Latin, Christian, and Holiday piano music!
If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us!