The Spirit of Seven

The Spirit of Seven


My name is Michael Marini and I play the piano. I decided to go on a journey with my music. I wanted to find seven pianos and record seven songs on each. The seven pianos would each represent one of the gifts of the holy spirit.

The Spirit of Seven\‘s piano music was created to remind all of us to listen to the the music that we hear inside of us urging us to take a risk and follow our dreams. It is an intuitive connection to the purpose in our heart. Be enthusiastic and passionate about all that you do. Remember, the word enthusiasm literally means \“the God (enthos) within (iasm).\” We each have the seven gifts of the spirit in us and the music from this page is meant to encourage and remind you to use the gifts when you need a lift. Each of us have a song in our heart guiding us to our dreams in life. Don\‘t die with the music still in you. The Spirit of Seven is simply a reminder to let your light shine in the world and inspire those around you.


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