Solo Piano for Peace

Louis Landon

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical

Solo Piano for Peace
  • Released: April 14, 2009
  • 13 track(s)

In the immortal words of John Lennon, who said, "give peace a chance," the ubiquitous phrase resounded throughout the world and is remembered by hundreds of thousands of people who understood as he did that aggression only serves to weaken the human spirit. The concept of peace has always been perceived as the sole responsibility of leaders from civilized nations. Confident in his beliefs, Lennon openly criticized governments for promoting unnecessary destruction. Had he lived long enough, he might have been able to articulate more fully, peace can only prosper as a collective condition of the human heart and mind. Solo Piano for Peace is Louis Landon's answer to the idea that peace begins as a thought, and thoughts become reality when put into action. In June 2008, Louis began posting free downloads of his improvisations to the Internet each day. His motivation was writing one improv for peace every day until the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over. He received exceptionally positive response to his music from all corners of the world, prompting him to formally record the music. He then turned to Grammy Award-winning producer, Eric Tingstad who is a universally recognized icon within the contemporary instrumental genre. The collaboration between Landon and Tingstad sets the bar for reflective music lovers to visualize how a musical landscape opens subconscious channels in finding unique answers for love and peace, because without love, there can be no peace. As we project our individual translation of love and peace onto those we care about, the message is a contagious reflection of what we all really want in our lives. The cliche that music is a universal language really means music is the language of the universe serving as a catalyst for each of us to discover what peace means and where love comes from. Janet Hansen ~ from the liner notes


Rating: 54321 10 reviews

  • Pianolover

    Pianolover April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321

    ~peaceful~  Love this CD….

  • Gabby

    Gabby April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321

    Wonderful…looking forward to more music from this artist.  :-)

  • TT

    TT April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321


  • amy22

    amy22 April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321


  • Peter

    Peter April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321

    excellent music.

  • Sandy

    Sandy April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321

    All around amazing Cd.

  • chris

    chris April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321

  • gerlina

    gerlina April 9, 2010
    My Rating: 54321

  • Jayne Rubendall

    Jayne Rubendall April 25, 2010
    My Rating: 54321


  • JTL

    JTL January 28, 2015
    My Rating: 54321


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